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Our service offers countless opportunities to get additional visitors to your website at no cost. By joining our website all these opportunities can be taken care of from a centralized account, and it's FREE!

Our Traffic System is designed to drive traffic and establish brand awareness of your site by the use of multiple different advertising methods: popunder, popup and exit windows, start page, topframe surfing, autosurf frame, banners, paid emails, ppc search engine, unlimited safelists, unlimited rotators. This gives you an excellent opportunity to find the right advertising method for your website. You can also target your campaigns by categories and subcategories of interest, ip zones, countries, internet providers, days of the week and even hours of the day. You can upload your banners and use unlimited rotators for banners, html ads or urls..

Right now our rate is 2 : 1 . (If your site has 20 visitors per day we'll send you 10 more and you'll boost your visitors number to 30.) Our IP targeting database contains 175 zones and our system can precisely detect the country / zone for 2466755115 different IPs.

You can earn traffic credits (meaning more of your ads displayed on other members sites) for receiving paid emails (you can unsubscribe anytime from this service) and for adding great content to your websites. Also, when you refer other webmasters and websites' owners to our site, you get credits for life-time. This technology makes it possible for you to get up to thousands of your ads displayed at others websites.

After you join and confirm your email address, you will be able to log into you your account and create 1 or as many campaigns as you want. Copy a simple HTML code to place on your site, no programming experience needed and fund your campaign with credits to start receiving traffic.

This system also provides great content for your website. Just using some simple html code you can add to your website a search engine, a top, categories and other great things. For each campaign you have a safelist where people can join, send emails to the other safelist members from time to time. You can email your safelists anytime for free. You can also buy more credits, become an advertiser, trade your credits to other members if you become a trusted user. All advertisers can bid on keywords on the ppc search engine and can also send paid emails. Advertisers can send emails to all safelists in the system by spending credits.

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Important technical specifications: The exchange uses an advanced visitor redirection system that sends more visitors to campaigns that generate more traffic and have more credits available for spending. This way, people can't receive more traffic than others, just by making many campaigns, like on other sites. All exchange is targeted by categories and webmasters can choose the target for each campaign. The exchange also uses a smart crediting system. Unique visitors are counted for each web site and unique hits are paid more than impressions.

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Covers all traffic exchange types
     banner exchange
      image banner
      flash banner
       text ad
     start page exchange
     exit exchange
     popunder exchange
     popup exchange
     autohits exchange

     ppc search engine
     paid email program
    unlimited safelists

    unlimited rotators
Browsable Directory with all system sites & Search Engine
Website Rankings
Affiliate Program
Campaign Management
Mailing list
Website content provider
Internal messaging and notifications system
Traffic Analysis

     By Type
     By banner
Target your campaings
     Categories and subcategories of interest
     IP Zones, Countries, Providers
     Days of the week
     Hours of the day
     Start date

     End date

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